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Who We Are

Good Steward Ministries’ mission is to encourage good stewardship of people’s resources, with a primary focus on material goods. As a result, GSM is able to support other organizations and ministries who are meeting people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


GSM is funded solely through donations of clothing, books, furniture, and accessories given by the local communities. We then sell it in retail so that the proceeds may go to homeless and pregnancy shelters. The excess of our stores go to Ghana, where GSM has begun various charitable projects.

Good Steward Minisitries


Good Steward Ministries U.S.A is our home distribution center that operates off of donations received through the community. We partner with churches to pick up leftovers from their yard sales and are constantly looking to partner with other organizations that need our financial support. GSM U.S.A is also the location that provides our voucher program where different organizations can send people in need of clothing to our stores and get what they need free of charge.

Union County Social Services, Monroe Pregnancy Center, and the Union County Homeless Shelter are some of the many institutions that have worked through this program.

Good Steward Minisitries


Good Steward Ministries Ghana is our distribution outlet where we send the huge amount of excess we have. God has opened the doors in Ghana with the Osenase Orphanage and the Ghana Prisons Service. We are currently in the beginning stages of setting up different programs to minister to the needs of over 45,000 incarcerated people in the prison system.

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